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How to Help Your Child Know and Understand His Parent is Dead

Little children don’t always understand the meaning of death and dead, even when you explain it. In this video a six-year-old boy is asking his mom how to be sure his dad is really dead who died two years ago when he was just four.

Mentioning a Loss

How to mention a loss due to death when encountering someone you know who has had a loss, or you just learn of a loss when you talk to a person.

Death of a Child

How to survive, cope, and possibly even thrive after the death of a child.

What have you learned about grief over years of working in this field as a “grief expert?”

I was asked as a “grief expert” if my view of grief had changed over my 30 years of working in the field of grief and loss. Grief expert is in quotes because we are barely experts on our own grief much less anyone elses. That said.. I have learned a few things… this Ask Mary series is designed to share some of that information in short bites.